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The United Arab Emirates is in the midst of unprecedented economic growth. The astonishing development has propelled the Emirates to the forefront of the economic community and 2 regional powerhouse.Traditionally, this growth was based upon oil -generated wealth.however with the help of pioneering leadership, the economy has become incredibly diverse. The future is not dependent on the oil reserves, a strong commercial and industrial hob has been created that will propel the future growth. Al Mazroui Trading is one of the oldest and most established commercial institution in the UAE. We are proud and honoured to have contributed positively to the economic development of the UAE and its infrastructure. 

Our portfolio of service and consultancy expertise has meant that we have been involved in many industries and sectors. Since inception in 1974, we move forward with optimism.Expansion into new territories and industries Is the driving force behind the plans for year to come. The Al Mazroui Trading Group look forward to serving the private and public sectors for many years to come.

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Al Yasat Tower, 138 Baniyas Street, 8th Floor, Suit No.801 P.O.Box 97, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E





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