Our Principals

  • Cutting cost, reducing injuries and saving the environment through:

    Rig safety system (RSS) & Zero Spill System (ZSS)

  • Centrifugal pumps according to API 610 / DIN/ ANSI/ISO/ GB and other standards for water, chemical, mining  and petrochemical industries.

  • Integrated drilling control and instrumentation

    Automated drilling control cabins

    Block monitors control system, cctv system.

  • Fluid Technologies Unit:

    *Nikkiso non-seal pump     *Nikkiso metering pumpm

    *Nikkiso cryogenic pump   *Nikkiso hi-power pump

  • Digital excitation control systems

    *Voltage regulators   * DECS 100 to 400 series     *Protective devices & relays   * Motor protection & control system

    *Automatic synchronizers

  • Supply of VIPA(visual process analyzer)

    Live monitoring and control of oily water separation

    Monitoring and control of injection water quality

    Oilfield water management services

  • Providing corrosion solution around the world.

    **Corrosion protection design services  **Corrosion protection materials supply   **Cathodic protection systems  

    **Durability engineering 

  • Advanced process solutions for oil & gas treatment

    *Phase separation   * Co2 capture    * Natural gas dehydration   * Sulphur recovery *Natural gas sweeting   * MEG regeneration & reclaiming    * NGL recovery   * Compression


  • Wellheads – convetional and utilized  **Wellheads – splitters and triple wellheads systems gate valves-loose and block X-mas trees – metal to metal seal hangers, slip type, fluted and solid mandrel type all material trims from AA to HH API 6A, PR-2 Annex F tested.

  • Loss circulation/well bore strengthening

    *Casing cementing   *Plug and abandonment   *Water and gas shut off   *Casing casing annuli pressure build up (CCA)    *Sand consolidation    *Primary zonal isolation     *Casing leak repair     *Plugging of control/ transmittal lines

  • Drilling tools & technologies     *Intervention and completion tools

    *Agitator system and directional tools   * Bowen fishing tools   * Drilling motors & power sections

    *Service equipment   * Etools technologies  * Coring services  * Borehole technologies

    *Service quality   * IntelliServ Drill Faster: high speed wired drillpipe telemetry system

  • Maintenance and modification services:

    **Cold cutting services  **Onsite machining services  **Commissioning services  **Flange facing services  **Hot tapping and line

    P & A and decommissioning services

    1-  Multistring conductor removal    2- Subsea cutting    3-  Conductor slot recoveries 

  • Exheat designs and manufactures electric process heaters and assosciated control system for hazardous and non hazardous area:

    * Process heaters     * International certificates    * Line hearters   * ISO certified 9001:2008   * Immension heaters

    UK manufacturing * Air duct heaters   * Extensive global experience * Control system  * Dedicated after sales support

  • Integrated asset modeling *Sequence stratigraphy , facies  *Field development studies, reservoir characterization studies, enhanced oil  *Gross depositional modeling, 3D static modeling *Recovery studies, seismic data interpretation  *Reservoir simulation (black-oil, compositional, dual), fluid characterization, test analysis  *Inversion   *AVO studies   *Core logging & sedimentological   *E & P training : technical, soft skills, management and leadership  *Depositional environment     *Log interpretation

  • FREYLIT cpi oil seoaratorss—oil fields, ga fields, refineries, injection water and improvement of API- Separators  **Freylit – mobile cpi oil separators- to clean oil spills in harbours, oceans,ricers, lakes or groundwater.  **Freylit –cpi oil separators according to European norm EN858- for GAS stations car maintenance shops.  **Freylit – wash water recycling systems – for all vehicles washing processes up to 90 % water saving.

  • Pig valves : 2’’ to 16’’(DN150 TO DN 400), 150 to 1500 ANSI, standard temperature range-46’c to +121’c. NACE MR0175/ISO  15156, API Q1, and ISO 9001.   Multi pig launchers accommodate up to 11 remote pig launches.   Pneumatic, electric, manual, or self contained solar actuation options. Pigs: Cup and disc style urethane scraper and filming pigs.

  • Tercel designs, customized and manufactures drilling and well construction products that reduce complexity and risk. Our product lines, directional products, drilling enhancement and TD solutions, focus on drilling enhancement and torque & drag solutions engineered to reach drilling depths that were previously unattainable. Unique products offered:  **Swivel Master: A drill pipe based deployment tool for non-rotating liner/casing and completions to add additional hook load to secure reaching TD.

    Navigator: A mechanical ratcheting tool for riding ledges and other problems that allows to orientate nose by simply picking up and setting down weight.

    EzeeGLIDER: Low friction polymer type centralizer whereas friction is of a concern. GumDrill: Special designed reamer with PDC cutting structure to avoid stuck pipe and reduce or remove back reaming time (NPT)  **BridgeBUSTER: Reamer shoe with low drill out time and PDC drillable.

  • Leak detection inspection            **Heat exchanger inspection  ** Piping inspection  **Laser scanning inspection  **Iris inspection  **Sonar pipeline mapping  **Storage tank inspection  **Visual inspection  **Thermography Inc Optical Gas Imaging  **ROV inspection class  **Structural inspection  **Tank scanning & inspection  **Cassion inspection **Specialist training provider     **Heat exchanger inspection  **Pressure vessels (Fired & Unfired)  **UAV(Arial) Inspection

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